Educating batterers and changing their abusive behaviors

Changing Abusive Behaviors Program (CAB)™

Wise Protective Service and More, Inc.’s domestic violence intervention program, Changing Abusive Behaviors program (CAB)™, is an
18-week, solution-based initiative that focuses on providing emotional Intelligence skills to adults in Loudoun County and the Northern Virginia area. The program is directed to individuals who have been physically, emotionally, sexually or financially abusive to a spouse, partner, child, parent or other family member.

Certified professionals/clinicians will work in collaboration with our team on the following curriculum:

- Learning to identify all forms of abuse (physical, emotional, economic, sexual, and verbal abuse and violence).

- Realizing the impact of domestic violence on the victim and the abuser.

- Understanding the effects of domestic violence on children (including children who are abused and children who witness domestic violence).

- Emphasizing the client's responsibility for their violence and abuse.

- Identifying personal, societal, and cultural values and beliefs that legitimize and sustain violence and oppression.

- Learning alternatives to violent and controlling behaviors.

- Identifying healthy relationships.

- Promoting accountability, self-examination, negotiation, and fairness.

- Examining the relationships between substance abuse and domestic violence.

- Examining the relationships between mental illness and domestic violence.

- Identifying the behavioral, emotional, and physical cues that precede escalating anger.

CAB™ Program Goals:

- Engage the community in a collective response for the prevention and intervention of domestic violence.

- Support victim safety and autonomy of all victims

- Promote offender accountability and an opportunity for those who use violence offenders to eliminate violent behavior in all forms.

- Increase coordination and consistency of system and community interventions and service provision.

- Advise the Board of Supervisors on policy and legislative priorities for improving the county's response to domestic violence.

Batterer's Intervention Facilitators

Dr. Duane Taylor - MPP, MCPH

Dr. Anita P. Jones - ACSW LGSW, LMSW,C-ASWCM

David Maina - MS, BSN, RN, PMHNP-BC, DrPHc

Tiara Carter - National Counselors Examination, Graduate Professional Counselor in D.C. and M.D. (LGPC)

The Batterers Intervention Facilitators provide assessments, victim contact, and group facilitation of intervention programming. Facilitators assist individuals and groups in interrupting, avoiding, and ending violence and abuse through helping batterers change. The program provides the ability to work with victims, navigate the criminal justice system, explore group dynamics, and even provide individual sessions to track offender’s progress.


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