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WPSM's Mission is to prevent childhood obesity, raise awareness about domestic violence and mentor children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Together, we can educate and enrich our communities.

 What is this Story?

Imagine you are a kid in third grade that was bullied. Maybe you sat in the corner, hoping no one would notice you. In addition, one day, a teacher or mentor was kind to you and made you feel good and worthy.  Or someone introduced you to a new sport and took time to teach life lessons.  That kindness changed your future.

Imagine you are a woman, who has been physically and mentally abused and returning home, a place that should feel safe makes you afraid. There are so many emotions and things to worry about and very few answers. If only you knew how to protect yourself and where to seek help.

Imagine yourself at 10, dealing with an illness or losing your parent to illness. Imagine losing your parent who has had to suffer for a long time, both through physical and emotional pain. Imagine being so young that you may not understand what is going on and where to turn to for assistance.

Wise Protective Service and More, Inc. (WPSM) along with volunteers are joining to help educate and prevent these issues.  Together we can encourage and enrich our communities.  Together we are Wise.


You can be a part of supporting innovative, community-led programs that provide fitness camps and education to families about healthy living and exercise, education and self defense classes, and supporting families living with and affected by HIV.
Let us raise our voices together to promote awareness and rally resources to ensure that children, families, and communities live with dignity and hope for a healthier future.
Want to join us? Together, we can encourage and enrich our community!



We want to see a movement among our neighbors to support and care for our children.

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Learn more about domestic violence, youth obesity and children with HIV/AIDS parents.

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Together we can protect our community’s future! Step forward to join us and volunteer in Atlanta.

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Together, we change lives. We invite you to donate, help and support our non-profit.

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