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Youth Obesity

Fighting Obesity in Youth

Just knowing the right choices is half the battle in fighting obesity in youth.

Nutrition and fitness education can mean the difference between a child growing up healthy and confident or making poor eating choices that affect the rest of his or her life.

When youth are overweight, they have more issues than just obesity. They fight with body image issues, bullies at school, health risks, and dangerous habits. Once children become overweight, it can be a hard battle to help them return to their appropriate weight.Combating obesity will give hope and confidence to our youth and future leaders.


WPSM mission is to make sure our children who are growing up in urban areas have a chance to play, run, and have access to healthy food choices and understand the purpose of healthy living and fitness. Maybe you struggle with obesity or have a child who does so we need to face the issue as a community and as neighbors. By fighting obesity together, we can change the trajectory of youth who will be our leaders tomorrow. This can be done through fitness and nutrition camps.
WPSM has seen a need for youth fitness camps to promote nutrition and fight obesity. Our new non-profit is excited about providing fitness camps for youth, teaching children to love to be active, love to eat the right kinds of food, and to care about being healthy. Help us help our kids grow up strong and to make health a priority.

Join us! Together we can protect our community’s youth!