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Domestic Violence

Standing Up to Domestic Violence: No woman should live in fear, especially in her own home.

For many women, the "happily ever after" fairy tale ends in a nightmare of domestic abuse, which can be emotional, physical, mental. When a woman who has been in a relationship of domestic abuse, she may believe there is no way out. Moreover, when she does find a way, she is usually paralyzed by fear or repercussion.It is important to remember that the victim never deserves this treatment. No one does!

Domestic violence can be hard to see, but ensuring that all women know self-defense can be one step towards protection. A victim of domestic violence can feel both responsible for what has happened or disempowered to do anything about it. WPSM can help.


WPSM cares about protection and security in our communities, WPSM mission is to see women and children free from the fear of domestic violence and free from being a victim. We want to see children living in safe environments. You can be part of this.
Are you or someone you love a victim of domestic abuse? Do you live in fear in your own home? Do you know a child who is in a home with domestic violence?

WPSM teaches women and children self-defense skills so they can be ready to face anything. Women become empowered to stand up for themselves and their families. Available are self-defense classes, resources, and help for you or your loved one who has been a victim of domestic violence.

WPSM also provides a unique service to victims of domestic abuse. Many are afraid to return to their homes to collect their belongings. Already having to start over in a new house is hard and expensive. We want to help victims not spend as much on new things. The abuser may withhold these items as an act of revenge upon the victim or in hopes that the victim will return to the house. Our non-profit provides security protection for the removal of personal property from the abuser or the victim’s former resident.

We do not want another woman or child to be a victim of domestic abuse.

Join us. Together we can bring safety to our community!